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Meadowview Trail

../images/trails/meadowview//01 Trail lies behind Ballybunion Park.jpg

01 Trail lies behind Ballybunion Park

../images/trails/meadowview//02 Trail leading to Cougar Mountain.jpg

02 Trail leading to Cougar Mountain


0.9 miles   3 Roads, 13 Driveways   Walkable Stroller

From golf course at SE 79th St thru Ballybunion Park to Cougar Mountain


The Meadowview Trail starts at 148th Ave SE on SE 79th Place, and runs southeast from the golf course to Cougar Mountain Park, where it follows a forest corridor west to SE 83rd Place. The trail and corridor are entirely within The Reserve at Newcastle. The trail begins on sidewalks, with pleasant views, but at Ballybunion Park it becomes a narrow nature trail, ascending in forest to Cougar Mountain Park. Here the trail turns right into a wide, flat, east-west corridor just outside the park boundary, a grass-carpeted cathedral walled by forest. Turning left brings you to SE 83rd Lane. Straight ahead, just inside the park, is the Marshall's Hill Trail, which runs southwest to the CrossTown Trail and the DeLeo Wall Trail (turn right), and east to the Red Town Trailhead and the Coal Creek Trail (turn left).

The map below shows a pleasant alternative trail (A to B) past a retention pond with lily pads backed by an impressive wall; but you have to step over a knee-high traffic barrier at B. The forest corridor (D to G) has 4 access trails starting at points E-H. Trail H follows a street to the corridor and trail G. There are old-style Newcastle trail signs at H (hidden by a hedge) and at A-D. Signs A-B are uninformative, C is hidden, but D clearly identifies the Meadowview Trail. I and J mark the ends of the Terrace and CrossTown trails respectively.

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