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Milepost Trail

../images/trails/milepost//Trailhead and trail sign on the right side of 88th Way from 135th Ave.jpg

Trailhead and trail sign on the right side of 88th Way from 135th Ave


0.9 miles   2 Roads, 16 Driveways   Walkable Stroller Steps

From Lake Boren Park south thru Milepost to Highlands Trail at Parkway


•  From the restrooms in Lake Boren Park, go east along an asphalt pathway past the vehicle turnaround area. Follow it over Boren Creek to the south end of the Lake Boren Esplanade at Coal Creek Parkway.

•  Cross the parkway, and take sidewalks up 135th Ave. SE through Milepost subdivision toward Newcastle Elementary School.

•  Turn right on SE 88th Way (not crossing it), and follow a path to an old asphalt road.

•  A pleasant, shady, two-minute walk brings you to stairs back down to the parkway; and a sidewalk goes south to SE 91st Street.

 See Extended Description below.

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Turn left to the Highlands Trail, which goes either way along the loop to the Terrace Trail - CrossTown Trail - Cougar Mountain Park, or cross the parkway and go south along the sidewalk, then west on the May Creek Trail.