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North Highlands Trail

../images/trails/highlands_north//Trail between 144st Pl SE and SE 87th Pl.jpg

Trail between 144st Pl SE and SE 87th Pl

../images/trails/highlands_north//Trail in the woods between 140th Ave SE and SE 87th Pl.jpg

Trail in the woods between 140th Ave SE and SE 87th Pl


0.7 miles   3 Roads, 0 Driveways   Walkable Equestrian

From Terrace Trail at 144th Pl SE & SE 87th Pl west & south to SE 91st


The North Highlands Trail is the north half of the Highlands Trail, which loops around the Highlands at Newcastle.   The trail starts at the end of the South Highlands Trail, on SE 87th Place at 144th Place SE, and rejoins it on SE 91st Street, 350' east of Coal Creek Parkway.   It curves around the north end of the Highlands in woodland, joins the Heritage Trail briefly (in a wooded valley), and meanders southwest as an urban trail with three street-crossings and views of landscaped homes.  See Extended Description below.

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1.   Start at the end of the South Highlands Trail on SE 87th Place, where it joins 144th Place SE (the historic Thomas Rouse Road).   The Terrace Trail also starts here, ascending a forested ridge to the East CrossTown Trail and Cougar Mountain Park.

2.   Walk north into the woods, and follow the trail as it curves west and then south around the north end of the Highlands.   Just after you turn south you'll cross the junction of two access trails.   Here you can turn left, and walk east up a broad, cleared access corridor to SE 87th Street.   Or, you can turn right and follow a cedar-rooted trail and causeway down to 140th Ave SE in the Heritage Morgan neighborhood.

3.   Walk south to a junction with the Heritage Trail.   Here the two trails head southwest 350' on a shared route, descending to a second junction where the Heritage Trail branches right (west) up some steps.   Continue south below a retention pond, then turn right and ascend west to 139th Ave SE.

The Heritage Trail runs south from the first junction, crossing SE 92nd street to join the South Highlands Trail.   From the second junction it ascends west to 139th Ave SE past the retention pond, using a broad utility road (a grass-covered swale edged with trees, tall and dense on the north).   Access trails branch north to 140th Ave SE, and south (just below the fenced pond) to the westbound Highlands Trail.   The main trail turns right on 139th and follows the sidewalk 390' north to Heritage Morgan Park, a small park with a playground.

4.   Continue across 139th, and follow the trail west between homes and then south behind them, cedar fences on the left, trees on the right.   The homes on the right are well below the trail, so the view is not limited to back yards: you can see the Olympic Mountains on a clear day.

5.   After a winding descent through woodland, the trail crosses 138th Ave SE (1000 feet from 139th).   Turn right across SE 91st Place and follow the trail west down to the cul-de-sac, and south across it.   (Or use the sidewalk on 91st, skipping street-crossings, adding driveways.)

6.   Walk south to SE 91st Street (on a steep descent), and take the crosswalk to the South Highlands Trail.