Newcastle Trails, Newcastle, WA

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Clubhouse Trail

../images/trails/clubhouse//01 Trailhead on Golf Cart Path.jpg

01 Trailhead on Golf Cart Path

../images/trails/clubhouse//02 View from Trail behind Clubhouse.jpg

02 View from Trail behind Clubhouse

../images/trails/clubhouse//03 Clubhouse with Dining Terrace.jpg

03 Clubhouse with Dining Terrace

../images/trails/clubhouse//04 Waterfall below Clubhouse.jpg

04 Waterfall below Clubhouse

../images/trails/clubhouse//05 View of Seattle.jpg

05 View of Seattle

../images/trails/clubhouse//06 Trail Sign with Safety Warning.jpg

06 Trail Sign with Safety Warning

../images/trails/clubhouse//07 Trail Sign from Other Side.jpg

07 Trail Sign from Other Side

../images/trails/clubhouse//08 Turnberry's Snack Hut.jpg

08 Turnberry's Snack Hut

../images/trails/clubhouse//09 Descending to Meadowview Park.jpg

09 Descending to Meadowview Park

../images/trails/clubhouse//10 Stairs down to Meadowview Park at 146th Pl SE.jpg

10 Stairs down to Meadowview Park at 146th Pl SE

../images/trails/clubhouse//11 Golf Course from Top of Stairs.jpg

11 Golf Course from Top of Stairs

../images/trails/clubhouse//12 Looking Back at Stairs.jpg

12 Looking Back at Stairs

../images/trails/clubhouse//13 End of Trail in Meadowview Park.jpg

13 End of Trail in Meadowview Park


0.4 miles   0 Roads, 1 Driveway   Walkable Incline

From golf clubhouse south thru golf course down to Meadowview Park


•  This public trail has been granted by the Golf Club at Newcastle.  Dress appropriately for a golf course.  While generally open from 10:00 a.m. to dusk, it may be closed during tournaments.  Pass left of the clubhouse.  Follow the golf cart path as it curves down and right below the clubhouse, and continue past the snack shack. Then take a gravel road angling down to the right.

Ignore signs intended to turn you back. The cart path is open to the public as far as the gravel road. In exchange for public use of this trail, the golf club has been granted a substantial tax break.

•  Stairs lead down to a gate and Meadowview Park at SE 78th Way.

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